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  • Affordable

    Any league with less than 25 teams is completely FREE. We don't limit you on features either, so sign up today and get your league started.

  • Scheduling

    Tired of manually creating a schedule? Our league scheduler will automatically generate a schedule for your whole league in just a few clicks

  • Communication

    A summer thunderstorm might occur on one side of town, but not the other. With our easy communication system, you can postpone a game and all players will immediately be notified

  • Manage League Dues

    Leageez makes it easy to collect and manage all player payments. For just a 2.5% transaction fee, we will handle all player payments, allowing you to focus on the rest of your league.

  • Statistics

    Record game statistics for every player in the league, allowing your players to compare and compete for top stats in the league.

  • Any Sport

    We have full support for almost any sport. This includes baseball, football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, softball and volleyball. We strive to be the best and most affordable league management software.

Simplified Pricing

Free for Leagues under 25 teams

Leageez Details

  • Game Changes

    Anytime a game needs to be postponed, moved or added, all players can immediately be notified by email and messaging through our Leageez app.

  • League Announcements

    Easily send announcements and news to players, managers, parents or any other members of your league. Announcements can be posted to the league website or just sent as an email.

  • Game Reminders

    Team managers often have a hard time finding out how many players will be attending each weeks game. Now with Leageez, managers can automatically received individual responses from each player through our game reminder system.

  • Automatic Scheduler

    Our proprietary Leageez Scheduler allows you to enter a few simple season requirements and within a couple clicks, we will automatically generate a full league schedule for your entire league.

  • Import Existing Schedule

    Already have a schedule? No problem, we can import almost any existing schedule straight into our system, leaving you plenty of time to get back to running your league.

  • Game Changes

    Need to quickly add, postpone, or re-schedule a game? We make that incredibly easy with Leageez. All game changes are only a few easy clicks away

  • Payment Collection

    The worst part about managing a league can often be collecting money from your players. With Leageez, we make it easy, and take the worry off your shoulders.

  • Custom Pricing

    Leageez is setup so that your league can have pricing set for each of your divisions, discounts for multiple players, and automated reminders for making payments.

  • Payment Management

    All of your payments are easily viewable and sortable within the commissioner section of your league. You can quickly search and sort for any players that haven't made a payemnt

  • Statistics

    Many leagues love statistics. With Leageez you can view league leaders, team leaders and individual game statistics for all players

  • Standings

    Easily view standings for all divisions within your league. Your league can be setup to be points based or winning percentage based. With Leageez, everything is customizable to fit your league's needs.

  • Game Logs

    Managers can enter a full team report for each game, allowing players an opportunity to get game recaps if they are out of town. Players can also post pictures and make comments on any of the games to further enhance the game experience.

  • Refere Signup

    Scheduling referees/umpires can often be a difficult and tiring process. With Leageez, we provide full referee/umpire sign up and management

  • Game Assignments

    League commissioners can automatically assigned referees to each game or they can pick and choose individual games. You can also allow the referees to sign up for games that best fit their own schedules

  • Referee Feedback

    Another feature is to allow referees to comment on any game issues, conditions or anything that may arise during gameplay. Any comments will be sent back to the league commissioenr to decide if there has been any player dicipline issues.

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Quickly check to see if any schedule changes have occurred

League Messaging

Easily send messages to other players, managers or the commissioner


Check how your team stands in the league

Enter Game Scores

Immediately post game scores right after the game ends

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Contacting Leageez

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